Spine Science

Spine is the pillar of our body spine cord is also in the spine connecting to the brain controlling all the functions of our body. Spine supports our body weight, and protects the spinal cord which communicates to all our body  parts from the brain .the 31 pairs of spinal nerves stemming out from the spinal cord branches out through the vertebras and get connected to the body organs muscles, Blood vessels, ligaments and skin. The  spinal cord and the spinal  nerves control all our senses, movements, posture body temperature, heart rate, respiration, blood sugar level and all other bodily functions .our nervous system controls all our voluntary actions and all the involuntary actions. Therefore one of the basics to keeping good health is making sure that all 26 discs of our spine are in the right place.
Spine Science

What are Spinal Nerves?

The vertebrae are connected from the neck to the lower back and the nerves that run inside these vertebrae are called the spinal nerves spinal nerves are the nerves that are connected to the brain they get damaged (fracture or dislocation) through traffic accidents falls and slips. Spinal nerves can also get damaged without any problems on the actual bones. Spinal injury refers to the damages to the spinal nerves through external trauma causing nervous dysfunctions. Such injuries are very serious because they cause disabilities in the lower limbs.

Why is Spine well being so closely related to many Diseases?

Spine is from the top made of 26 bones7 cervical vertebra, 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebra although the size and shape of each vertebra is different because our body is a dynamic interrelation of part with close correspondence with another, if one part is injured, it causes the pressure of nerves which in cause disorders. In particular, if the spinal cord or the neuromuscular is excited pain is induced and the muscles weaken. In severe cases paralysis and both the movement senses may occur.
Because the nerves are distributed to all parts of the body through spine, it is inevitable that spine problems would cause many kinds of body disorders.

Why do people get Paralysis of the lower body just by Injuring the Spine?

The spine carries the command signals from the brain. Therefore if spine is damaged, it is synonymous disconnection of nervous path from the brain to the rest of the body .so the part cannot receive brain signals due to spinal damage loses movements, senses and reactive senses.
That is if the lumber is damaged, the legs (underneath the lumbar) can get paralyzed. If cervical vertebral damaged, both hands and feet can all get paralyzed.

What are the causes for decline of Spinal Health?

The most common  reason for spinal problems modern people is “bad habit Women high hills cause the hip to fall backward so the lower backbone is excessively curved  forward ,in order to balance out the hip, eventuating to disc problem men tight necktie causes the turtle-neck syndrome ;where the neck chronically sticks forward like a “turtle,
The selection of chairs and posture is most important for the office workers who work all day in crouched position .particular .if the chair is too much tension on the back, and this may cause muscle back pain , So it is very important to maintain good posture and stretch regularly. To name some of the worst postures, there are watching TV while lying on the side, lifting heavy weight, prolonged computer works, prolonged driving, hard labor, repetitive motion, bad sleeping postures, excessive exercise, repetitive labor, concentrated and excessive use of a particular muscle and sudden motion.

I get numbing feeling on the limbs; does it have anything to do with the spine?

The lumbing pain on hands and feet is probably caused by problems at the peripheral nerve of the brain and spine cord or it could be caused by blood circulatory disorder of the and vessels such symptom may affect simply the senses of the hands and feet but can also cause weakening of those limbs. It can be caused by blockage of the blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain and spine cord, of by deformation of thoracic vertebrae that supports the spine cord through aging squeezing the spinal nerves.

What kinds of diseases are related to spine?

Since the spine is the pillar of the human body it must be maintained with stability and flexibility however with aging and muscle weakening due to lack of exercise obesity and static working environment are increasing the cases of spinal problems when each vertebra is in its right position the spine cord and the nerves have no problems in carrying out their functions but if these vertebrae are out of place, the nerves tat pass through these vertebrae start to get squeezed. Such condition is the start of various kinds of nervous disabilities such disabilities                weaken of body the ability of body organs in carrying out their functions and also the immune system gets severely debilitated the most common spine problems are disc degeneration and the spine canal stenosis which is the narrowing of the spine canal causing the back to bend such spine problems usually go also with back pain and the numbing pain on the legs can also experienced apart from the above symptoms such symptoms as lumbago acute lumbago attack  chronic lumbago herniated disc of lumbar vertebra scoliosis spondylolisthesis, spondylosis  spinal canal stenosis  lumbar sprain pregnancy lumbago aftermath of traffic accident the hip bone arthritis muscle pain between cervical and thoracic vertebral neck disk headache period pain facial nerve paralysis hands/feet sprain out of chin joint immune disorder ankle edema arm and shoulder pain rheumatic arthritis asthma various kinds of arthritis , joint pain digestive and gastric problems tired eyes etc may appear.
Spine Science

Can spinal disorder be cured without a surgery?

Different treatments apply for different level of severity and symptoms however if the spine is corrected to its right alignment before it gets out place significantly affecting the spine nervous tissues then healthy spine can be maintained without surgeries already in countries like USA and  Germany as part of  as alternative medicine chiropractic is being studied and developed to apply the method in treating spine disorders chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that does not depend on the  use of drugs and that views the human body as a whole rather than as  a set of compartments and enhances the health accordingly.
Moxibustion which is as eastern traditional form of medical technique in countries like Korea and china can also be seen from the same perspective as chiropractic but the most important thing about keeping healthy back and prevent spine related disorders is balanced living habit such as keeping the right posture leading methodical life style maintaining regular exercise leading an active life style keeping a right diet and taking right amount of rest.

Why does aging bend the back?

Many people end up with bent back as get old. This is because the strength of the spine and the muscles behind the spine get with age and they become unable to support the body weight bent back is a type of degenerative disorder and if left unable, other parts of the body may seriously get damaged let alone the back problem. The spinal problem occurs because of natural aging process or due to repetitive damages. Therefore, if right posture is maintained during everyday lives and good living habits are observed, a healthy spine can be maintained.

With healthy spine can all diseases be prevented?

Spine is the pillar of our body the brains signals to the rest of the body are transmitted through the spine therefore the spine can be seen as our body another brain that controls our body if we have a healthy back then the flow of parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves is kept active, keeping our good health, however. If any parts of the spine have a problem or is crooked or bent, a disorder of the nerves on the corresponding region starts to occur. A house must have a strong pillar. Likewise, our body must have a strong and healthy back. 

Pressing around the spine, I can feel muscle pain. What should I do to relieve the pain?

When standing straight and looking forward, if a shoulder is drooping or if the skirt on the belt is spinning only in one direction, or if the shoe is worn out only on one side these are the indications of our body trying hard to maintain balance when the whole body is not in balance. Likewise, many kinds of back pains are the proof of our unbalance. The fact that the back muscles are tensed means that those muscles are not able to perform their function properly. A good and easy thing we can always do is to perform stretching, exercises that can relax our body, release the tension and ease the pain.

What are the difference between the alternative medicine and western medicine’s methods of treatment for spine problem?

Alternative medicine is focused in optimizing our health to the most optimal state in order to prevent sickness and cure any sicknesses. However, the western medicine is tend to be more concerned about dealing with specific diseases and easing the symptoms of disease. Alternative medicine is also focused in changing the life styles of the patients to enable them with power to self-heal, whereas the western medicine is focused in reducing or removing the symptoms through using the drugs and performing surgeries. however, the most important thing is to select the best methods of treatments according to the patient’s symptoms and characteristics.
Spine Science

Spine is The root of Human Body.

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