Massage ( Finger Pressure )

Since the early times, men instinctively touched, rubbed around area of pain.During such repetitive process, men found areas where physical stimulation relieved or effective in healing particular sickness. This develops into finger-pressure therapy. Therefore finger-pressure therapy started with beginning of main kind. The most common form of finger therapy is actually the eastern massage therapy. Then this method develop into using other devices instead of using hands-acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Massage ( Finger Pressure )

Finger-pressure therapy is fundamentally based on the acupuncture points define in the eastern medicine, but it also does add the western massage and chiropractic concept. There are largely six different types of finger-pressure therapy and their effects as the following:-

  • By relaxing all the muscles of the body, releases tension in the stiff muscles.

  • By circulating the blood and lymph glands, vitalising the metabolism.

  • Corrects the deformed ligaments, muscles and tendon.

  • By stimulating the acupuncture points, control the body organs.

  • Control the central nerve system that is the autonomic nerve system which is the most important system in the human body.

  • While controlling the endocrine disability, help to relieve fatigue.


Finger-pressure is excellent for treating fatigue, headache, insomnia gastroptosis, weariness, shoulder pain, period pain, eye fatigue and for preventing cold it is also good for weight control and is helpful for keeping flexible skin.

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